Discover the Reni territorial community

The territory of the Reni Territorial Community (Ukraine) hosts a unique system of the Danube Lakes, which is known for its beautiful landscapes, as well as rich flora and fauna. Lake Yalpug is considered the largest in Ukraine and the second largest in Europe. The shores of the lakes are a nesting place for rare wild birds, in particular lake ducks and pelicans.

In the village of Orlivka we have the “Kartal” eco-park, which was created to improve the ecological situation, contribute to the development of biomass plantations, the revival of traditional industries, including fishing, as well as the promotion of green tourism. The concept of the park is based on minimal human intervention in the landscape of Lake Kartal and the surrounding area. The creators of the eco-park limited themselves to the arrangement of the trail through the floodplains, the construction of a gazebo tower, and the erection of information stands.

No less important objects of tourist interest are the historical, cultural, and ethnographic resources of the Reni Territorial Community, including attractions associated with the rich history of the Northern Black Sea coast.

Kartal is an archeological monument of national significance since the Roman era. Kartal is located on the “Stone Mountain”, 1.5 km from the village of Orlivka. The “Stone Mountain” is washed on three sides by the waters of Danube, Lake Cahul, and Lake Kartal.

On the territory of the Reni Territorial Community is situated also a part of the Lower Trojan Wall. According to the scientific version, the Lower Trojan Wall was built in the III century AD and stretched for about 126 km from Prut (Vadul-lui-Isak village, Moldova) to Lake Sasyk (near Tatarbunary, Ukraine).

Among other interesting touristic objectives is the monument in honor of the  Russian army led by Emperor Nicholas I crossing the Danube and the beginning of the Constantinople campaign.

The crossing has existed here since ancient times. It was used at various times by the Persian king Darius in his quest to conquer Scythia, the Greek general Alexander the Great, the Roman emperor Trajan, the Bulgarian khan Asparuh and many other generals.

The village of Orlivka is the only Bessarabian village whose inhabitants celebrate Christmas on December 25 and follow this tradition from generation to generation. The unique Christmas caroling rite “Moșul”, which combines pagan and Christian elements, is still preserved here. This is a bright action that attracts tourists from all over Ukraine, as well as Moldova and Romania.

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