Comunitatea teritorială Reni

Reni city territorial community is a territorial community in Ukraine, in the Izmail district of Odessa region. The administrative center of the community is the city of Reni. The community was formed as part of the administrative-territorial reform in Ukraine. By uniting 7 village and 1 city council. Villages that became part of the Rhine community: Dolynska, Kotlovynska,Limanska, Nagirnenska, Novosilska, Orlivska, Plavnivska. Rhenish City Territorial Community – a territorial community established on July 17, 2020. Area 840.1 km. Population 36,117 people (as of 2015).

Water bodies on the territory of the community:

  • Danube river
  • Lakes: Cahul, Kartal, Yalpug, Kugurlui, Ruska.

Distance from the city of Reni to the regional center – Odessa by rail 400 km, by road – 300 km. The Rhenish community has an extensive network of highways – only 275.9 km, all paved.

        The center of the community is connected by railway from Chisinau (R.Moldova), Galati (Romania), by state highway Reni-Odessa – Kyiv, Reni – Izmail, Reni – Chisinau (R.Moldova). Reni is a large transport hub, which includes a sea trade port and Reni station. 7 and 9 International Transport Corridors pass through the city.

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